• Join Rachel and Nica at this 2 day immersive weekend to whisk you away into the present moment.

    Spend 2 days switching off from the outside and tuning into your inner world. Connect with nature, horses and like-minded souls, deepening your sense of presence and authenticity.


  • About your hosts

    Rachel has spent her life around animals, and has worked professionally as an animal communicator and spiritual teacher for 5 years. Rachel is passionate about teaching others and allowing them to learn the amazing spiritual abilities we all hold, to better understand themselves and their animals.


    Nica is not only an amazing artist, connecting the world to a new way of understanding our relationships with horses, but so much more than this she has a natural ability to hold space and allow for the deep unfolding of your souls truest expression. You can find out more about her work HERE.

    What you'll experience

    • Learn how to work with your intuition and understanding horses on a deeper level and sit in pure presence with these magnificent beings.
    • Embodiment practice as you stand in the field with the horses, feeling the interconnection between everyone and receiving the energy from the herd.
    • Learn and practice tools for breathwork, meditation, and learning about your own energy & how to listen to your intuition. This is meant to be a very practical teaching that you can then integrate into your daily life.
    • Painting & exploration of creativity, understanding the power of intention and journaling (you will be provided with a journal)
    • You'll receive 30 minutes of 1:1 support /coaching from either Nica or Rachel over the weekend to help you to clear your biggest blocks and gain deeper clarity into where your soul is guiding you next.
    • You will come away refreshed, inspired and nourished after a weekend in nature & community


    The program:

    Saturday- Arrive for 10 or a little earlier if you've a tent to set up.


    Day 1 - AM 10.30 start


    -Intro and pulling cards

    -Explaining about the weekend

    -Paint our journals

    -Breathing for coherence

    -Understanding all about our clair senses/energy how it affects us in our day to day-journal-pairs chat/feedback


    -Coming into your body with Nica - a guided journey

    -Experiencing true presence with the herd & learning how and why horses are such magical, energetic beings that can help us in our healing and introspection

    -Journal time and reflection

    3.30 ish -debrief/tea and biscuits/hang

    Time to do whatever! Doing nothing..but it’s everything!

    Fire/dinner/walk to standing stones


    Day 2

    -Group breakfast

    -121 sessions with Nica and Rachel - clearing your biggest blocks

    -Solo reflection time and journaling


    -Breathing for connection

    -A guided journey into the collective consciousness of horses

    -Creative connections woodland mandala, being fully present in nature and creating a piece of art that will remain with the land

    -Closing ceremony

    Who is this workshop for

    If you're searching for something different, a reset, a way to deepen your connection to your true nature and the earth, a way to make huge leaps forward in your spiritual journey, then join us for this weekend of reconnection.



    Where and when we'll meet

    Equine Unlimited is an equestrian centre based in Dunkeld, Scotland. They promote barefoot & bitless riding & positive reinforcement training. As well as a variety of other courses, competitions and ride outs. It is a truly beautiful location surrounded by miles of countryside not to mention the horses, donkeys, geese and dogs that share the day with us.

    • The workshop will take place on the 6th-7th of July 2024 from 10am on the Saturday to 3pm on the Sunday


    • All food will be provided from lunch on Saturday to lunch on Sunday and plenty of tea, coffee and snacks too!

    • Accommodation will be camping on site at both the bothys are now booked up . For those looking for a wee bit of home comfort, there are nearby hotels in Dunkeld. If you'd love to camp but don't have a tent, don't worry ! Just reach out before booking and we will sort you out with one.


  • All this £300 pp including all food and snacks and your camping pitch

  • If you have any questions or you'd like to enquire about accomodation please get in touch:

  • If you can't make it this time don't worry

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