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    Using communication and compassion to support true understanding and healing for you and your animals.

    Rachel Sartain

    Animal Communicator | Energy Worker | Compassion Key Facilitator | Educator

  • Animal Communicator Rachel Sartain


    Through a unique combination of Animal Communication, Energy Work, and Compassion Key clearings, I'm here to help you unravel the root causes of worries about your animals.


    I specialize in helping people address their concerns about their animals. I understand how you may have a deep connection with your animals but still struggle to support them when they show unusual behaviors or health issues that aren't easily explained. It could be behavioral problems like separation anxiety or aggression, mysterious recurring health issues, or simply wanting to communicate better with your already content pets and understand their preferences.


    As an Animal Communicator, Reiki Practitioner, and Compassion Key facilitator, I can assist you in fostering a stronger bond with your animals, identifying the root causes of emotional and behavioral challenges, and moving forward together with a genuine understanding of one another. Giving your animals a voice is a wonderful gift, and they will undoubtedly thank you for it.

    I look forward to hearing from you and embarking on this journey of understanding together!


    *Reiki and energy work is never a replacement for seeing a vet. If you have health concerns always consult your vet first.

  • How It Works

    3 easy steps to better understanding



    Pick the session that best fits with your needs and click 'buy now' (I work both remotley and in person).


    Pay Online

    You'll be taken to my calendly site where you can choose a time and day that suits you and pay with credit, debit, or PayPal and


    I'll connect with you at your chosen time

    If your session is in person I'll arrive at your chosen time. If it's remote you can use the zoom link you were emailed to connect.


    Click on the session which best fits your needs .. If you're not sure what to book then please do get in touch to chat it through.

    Please note I currently have around a 1 month waiting time for sessions (if your request is urgent get in touch)


    Animal Communication


    An in-depth remote animal communication through a call or Zoom. Imagine a three-way conversation where I interpret your pet's thoughts and they can answer your questions. Ideal for gaining profound insights into your animal's life. We can discuss behavior and health, but for severe cases or body scans, consider booking my extended session. Price: £65 for 1 hour

    Trauma release



    Transformational communication and energy healing to identify and better understand emotional and physical issues, ideal for rescue animals, behavioral concerns, and understanding emotional causes of illness. Includes remote communication and/or tailored energy work which can include a body scan if your issue relates to health. 1.5hrs = £85

    Yard visits

    ANIMAL COMMUNICATION IN PERSON-East Lothian/Edinburgh weekly

    Scotland wide please get in touch.


    I'd love to come and visit you at home or at a yard and help you better understand your animals. Prices start at £75 for an hour up to £95 for 1.5hrs

    For more than one animal please get in touch for timeslots and prices.




    The Compassion Key is an amazing modality which allows us to remove karmic blockages and patterns that keep you stuck in your current life. As a certified Compassion Key practitioner, I will support you to find the root of the problem you are experiencing with your animal and clear it. This modality works on you as a means to, in turn deepen your relationship with your animals. There is no limit to what can be achieved with this powerful modality.

    1 remote session-£75

    Block of 3 remote sessions-£200




    45 mins (past clients only)

    As a qualified reiki practitioner, I offer energetic support to animals I have already worked with for a full remote or in person session. Sessions will last around 45 minutes and can inculde reiki, communication and a variety of other modalities. Your animal will lead this and I will support them in whatever way they show is needed. Full feedback will be given via email or voicenote.

    1 session-£55

    Block of 3 sessions- £133

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    For support within 24hours

    I understand that things come up from time to time where you just need support in a hurry. Maybe you're animal has gone missing or they are suddenly really anxious and you don't know why. Maybe they've stopped eating and the vet cant put a finger on whats going on. I'd love to support you with these urgent concerns. By booking an emergency session I will connect into your animal as soon as I can but within 24hrs. I will feed back my findings via voice note right away and then be available to message or email daily support, advice and updates for the following 2 days. Price £111


    An exciting new online learning hub, a place to come together with like minded people, learn grow and be better animal guardians together!

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  • Events

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    Connection to self, nature and the wisdom of horses - with Rachel and Nica-Dunkeld

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    Introduction to Animal Communication - Harmony


    A full day of fun and learning with like minded people. Join Rachel as she shares her knowledge and supports you to learn the amazing skill of animal communication.

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    Introduction to Animal Communication - Cork, Ireland


    A full day of fun and learning with like minded people. Join Rachel as she shares her knowledge and supports you to learn the amazing skill of animal communication.



    "Yesterday we had our first consultation with Rachel and even though we were skeptical about it all we were quickly converted with the details of our dog Eddie and his nature. Even the details of his belongings! We are so happy with everything and would highly recommend trying it for yourself"




    "Absolutely amazing. Rachel helped me with my very anxious dog and has given me so much peace of mind."


    - Joanna -


    "Amazing communication with Rachel from my horse. She gave me wonderful insight which really helped relieve my stress around my horse’s misunderstood actions / health."




    "Rachel completely got the personalities of my two dogs. The advice was so helpful and her intervention really helped. I now have two happy dogs who live together peacefully. I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone else with concerns about their pets and rescue animals especially. can't thank you enough. "




    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + Me = happier fur babies!

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