• Learn to truly understand your animals and how to communicate with them clearly at this one day workshop in Cork, Ireland.

    Would you love to understand your animals better? To be able to send and receive messages clearly? Are you dying to learn more about this fascinating gift we ALL have the ability to learn- Animal Communication. Join an amazing group of like minded people to learn, share and open up new possibilities with your animals!


  • Where and when we'll meet

    Our venue for the day will be a lovely yoga studio in Ballyphehane, Cork

    An ideal location to come and be with like minded folk, share our love for animals and learn together.

    The workshop takes place on Saturday the 5th of October from 10am-4pm



    About your host

    Rachel has spent her life around animals, and has worked professionally as an animal communicator for 5 years. Prior to this she worked in the charitable sector, supporting vulnerable children and young people and training volunteers . Rachel is passionate about teaching others and has a natural talent for sharing some quite complex ideas, in a way that makes sense and can be easily intergrated into your life with your animals. Rachel loves sharing this amazing skill, and witnessing the difference in people and their relationship with their animals after the workshop.

    What you'll learn

    During the day you will learn to understand your own energy; learn about your own unique spiritual skills and how these can be used to connect to our animals telepathically in order to send and recive messages with them. You'll learn practical excercises and meditations that can help you to develop these abilities and also things to watch out for when practicing. You'll also have opportunities to practice with each others animals via photos and get real time feedback and support from Rachel as you develop your new skills.


    During this workshop we will have some specific focus on transitions and animals with trauma, this will be especially useful for supporting rescue animals during their transitions into new homes and ways we can support them in their day to day lives as they sette with us.


    Who is this workshop for

    Whether your completley starting out on your spiritual journey with animals, and just begining to delve into animal communication as a possibility with your own animals; or your a seasoned practitioner, hoping to learn some new skills; this workshop will have something for everyone. Although set at a beginers level, a variety of people, of different abilities have all taken the workshop and got loads from it. If you are supporting a rescue animal, or one that has experienced trauma or coming up to a big transition, this workshop will be especially valuable.

  • Here's what others had to say about the day:

  • Really enjoyed the course!

    Really enjoyed the course, Felt more confident at the end in my ability to listen to what the animals were trying to say. Defo interested in further learning.

    Thankyou for today!

    A fantastic day!

    A fantastic day!

    Great to meet up with like minded people. Rachel is wonderful and is easy to understand when going through the course. It’s the start of a new understanding


    Amazing! Beautiful day!

    Put me back to where I want to be.

    Couldn’t find a better person to be with.

    Fantastic course

    A wonderful introduction to energy work.

    Rachel has a special way of teaching. Highly recommend this course

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